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Learn and teach in the classroom about the safe and responsible use of technologies. On the EducaInternet site you can find educational resources for all ages. Furthermore, there are many types of resources, like presentations, images, audios, links, WebApps can even find the SCORM format -a set of standards in education- and a world of possibilities for your pupils.

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Surely you have heard of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), the online courses aimed at a vast number of participants, according to the principle of open and mass education. On this platform you will be able to undertake different certified courses that are adapted to your needs. Enjoy in our library all the modules and presentations that you can share in the classroom.

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Internet safety is an aspect that, as educators, we must keep in mind at all times. Concepts like Techno-addiction, Digital identity, Grooming, Netiquette and Licenses are fundamentals in this field. At EducaInternet we have the collaboration of the leading companies and organisations on Cybersecurity, who have endorsed us as a reference centre and the heart of the community concerned with Internet safety.